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Your Lifestyle: Which Factors Contribute to Erectile Dysfunction?

What do you know about erectile dysfunction or impotence, as it’s often referred to? The condition is really far from being a pleasant one. It is related with male’s inability to achieve and/or maintain erection for satisfying sexual intercourse. If you are looking for high quality generics like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra or Kamagra, order them

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Men`s Health: Shrikange by Hormones

SHRINKAGE BY HORMONES One day during my freshman year in high school, after P.E. class, a classmate asked me if I thought all baseball players or just those who were breaking home run records used exogenous testosterone and other anabolic steroids. I told him I didn’t know who was juicing and who wasn’t. I shrugged,

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Assessment of Nasal Air Flow and Resistance

Nasal peak flow test is inexpensive, easy to perform, and may have potential use in outpatient clinical trials or for home assessment of daily variations in nasal obstruction; however, it is highly effort dependent, and results may vary widely, especially between patients. This technique involves measuring the peak inspiratory nasal airflow with a modified peak

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